Day: March 19, 2020

How your IT team can support small business during coronavirus lockdown

Your IT team will be crucial in supporting small business as most staff work from home

During this transition from an office to a remote working environment, how can an in-house or outsourced IT team support a small business in a coronavirus-triggered lockdown?

ContactEngine‘s founder and CEO, professor Mark K. Smith, says there are five common areas where an IT team could support a small business, based on requests from his clients.

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#1 – Enabling call centre colleagues to work from home

Automatically re-route customer enquiries

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Can I claim on my small business insurance for coronavirus?

Unprecedented: government categorised Covid-19 (coronavirus) as a “notifiable disease” on March 5 2020

Millions of businesses have taken out small business interruption insurance, but will your policy pay out if you have to shut down because of coronavirus?

Business interruption policies are usually taken out to cover acts of God such as flooding and fire. Insurance policies such as these physical damage at a property that results in the small business being unable to trade.

And only a small minority of larger business owners may have previously arranged an additional clause covering them in the event of a pandemic.


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