Day: March 24, 2020

How to get your small business online within an hour

There’s no doubt that coronavirus is causing problems for small businesses, especially those who are based in a physical shop with no website.

Fortunately, creating a website from nothing is easier than ever.

Speed is key in the current climate. Start with a skeleton website so that it can get established and begin gaining traffic, then you can build on it once you have more time.

The most compelling reason to be online right now is to reach your customers, most of whom will be at home. Plus, you can take orders around the clock rather than being limited to

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All non-food retail to shutdown apart from chemists

Prime minister Boris Johnson has announced the shutdown of thousands of retail businesses

Boris Johnson has announced a shutdown of all retail apart from food shops and chemists this evening.

The retail shutdown affects tens of thousands of retail businesses across Britain in a bid to stop the rampaging spread of coronavirus.

From now on people will only be allowed to leave their home for shopping for necessities, said Johnson, singling out clothes shops and electrical retailers as non-essential retailers.

The prime minister added that the public will be allowed out for exercise once a day and that police will

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