Day: May 14, 2020

What is the average cost of fitting out my shop for coronavirus?

Shop owners should start thinking of buying coronavirus equipment now

As lockdown begins to ease, it could cost SMEs hundreds of pounds to fit out their shops so that they are compliant with social distancing guidelines.

On top of their regular outgoings, business owners will be wondering if they have everything they need to operate in this strange new environment.

What is the situation so far?

In his speech on 10 May, Boris Johnson announced that if the COVID-19 situation improves, shops could gradually be reopened from 1 June.

The BEIS have previously laid out draft rules for businesses

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Next-Level Tips to Get More Quality Calls

By David Gasparyan

Are you getting a high number of non-converting calls from your campaigns? If yes, you are not alone. Many businesses struggle to generate and convert inbound call leads. To attain your short-and long-term sales objects, you would want each inbound call to benefit your business.

A significant percentage of B2C marketers prefer calls over other customer acquisition methods. While email and other digital marketing strategies are good, phone call leads convert better if handled well.

What Are Call-Only Campaigns?

Call-only campaigns are mobile ads run by Google that allow potential customers to call a business directly from

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Only allowing part-time furlough work from August doesn’t make sense

Semi-open for business: many shop owners are experimenting with only opening on selected days in June

Shop owners are questioning why the government is only okaying furlough staff to work part-time from August, despite encouraging them to re-open next month.

Small retail businesses face a disastrous couple of months before furloughed staff are allowed to come back part-time, with office workers staying away and restaurants and bars closed.

Kate Evans owns independent fashion boutique Precious, which is based in the City of London and whose customers include City workers now working from home.

Evans said: “With offices and restaurants

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