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How to Locate Good Realtor?

You might be thinking to sell your house or buy a new one. Either way, you must have a good and dependable real estate agent who can help you out. Terms real estate agent and realtors are used interchangeably but in reality, these two are different. Well fact is, these two have unique characteristics and not synonymous to each.

Real estate agents are someone who are licensed to represent either the seller or buyer in any real estate transaction in exchange for commission. Oftentimes, they are working for realtors or real estate brokers. On the other hand, realtors are licensed and may be selling real estate either as a broker or an agent. You are going to find a number of ethical realtor and real estate agent. The primary difference between the two is that, the latter honors 17-article code as well as profession of real estate business.

When searching for a professional and experienced real estate agent, there are certain questions that you have to ask and know. These are exactly what we will be talking about in the next paragraphs.

Number 1. Referrals – asking some of your colleagues, relatives or friends for referrals for referrals is totally fine. Many people who’ve had positive experience with the agent they worked for will be pleased to share their firsthand experience and to why they feel that their agent was the best. Otherwise, they will tell you to stay away from it and other red flags why.

Number 2. Open houses – it is great to go to open houses, which is also a non-threatening way of meeting estate agents. While at the open house, be sure that you pay close attention to their manners and appearance, level of professionalism and quality of promotional materials used. Check if they look knowledgeable and well prepared. Assuming that you got a good impression of them, then don’t forget to ask for their calling card and write down any of your notes with them.

Number 3. References – make sure to interview multiple agents prior to making a decision and sign the buyer’s agreement. During the interview, ask the candidates to show you their most recent client referrals and call some in the list. Some questions that you have to ask include the selling price of properties and the how long the property sits on the market.

Number 4. Experience in the field – if possible, try searching for agents who have deep knowledge of the local market where you wish to buy or sell the house.
The longer the experience the agent or realtor has, the faster the transaction will be.

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