5 Actionable Tips to Help You Finally Start Using Explainer Videos

By Andre Oentoro

In this visual-centric world, internet users’ attention span is only getting shorter and shorter. They prefer quick content with enough interesting information that can solve their problem. In such cases, explainer videos came through the whole affair like a breath of fresh air to consumers in a world that’s flooded with content.

After years of being seen as an emerging tactic, explainer videos have firmly made it to the mainstream– especially for small business owners that want to boost their online visibility. With tons of benefits and affordable production costs, explainer videos have now become a staple

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The Most Important Part of Market Research

By Prisha Gupta

Your company has created a fantastic product or service. It has features that will blow the minds of your audience away, and you know that your product is in demand!

Now what lies ahead is building a marketing strategy for your brand, which will mean identifying who your consumer is. Your target market is the intended audience or consumer who will buy your product. It is essential to know what your consumer wants out of a product, and if they have enough information to make the purchase.

Market research will help you define the target audience for

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7 Benefits of Market Research for Small and Medium Businesses

By Supriya Khedekar

Market research is a common term in the business world today. Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) still hesitate to adopt it. Many SMEs believe that market research can be affordable only to more prominent organizations, and they tend to ignore the importance of market research for their organization. 

Though evolving technologies comes with a lot of benefits, they are disrupting traditional business practices and also posing challenges to SMEs to beat the competitive environment. The situation has arisen the questions on the survival of small businesses. Market research is one such tool that can be the

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3 Ways Non-Profits Can Use AI to Boost Marketing Performance

By Patrick Leonard

When organizations think about AI-driven marketing initiatives, they quickly imagine vast mountains of data only made actionable by a small army of marketers and data scientists. That sounds expensive – and it is! Using AI to more effectively meet organizational objectives has been a huge win for large corporations but only they can afford it right? Perhaps not!

The cost may have been a barrier in the past, but the reality is that machine learning is leveraged by small businesses and organizations every day through a variety of accessible and affordable tools. The widespread accessibility of AI

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