What is the average cost of fitting out my shop for coronavirus?

Shop owners should start thinking of buying coronavirus equipment now

As lockdown begins to ease, it could cost SMEs hundreds of pounds to fit out their shops so that they are compliant with social distancing guidelines.

On top of their regular outgoings, business owners will be wondering if they have everything they need to operate in this strange new environment.

What is the situation so far?

In his speech on 10 May, Boris Johnson announced that if the COVID-19 situation improves, shops could gradually be reopened from 1 June.

The BEIS have previously laid out draft rules for businesses on how to run post-lockdown. Some of the guidelines focus on safety measures to take for your staff and your customers.

We’ve tallied up the costs of some of the essential items you’ll need to restart your shop-based business.

COVID-19 safety equipment for shops

The items we searched come from workplace supply shops such as Viking, Staples and Nisbets. Please note that all of the prices below exclude VAT.


Total: £52.48  


Total: £301.96


Total: £260.11

Grand total: £614.55

Ways to bring down the price

If you’d prefer not to fork over as much cash, you can make savings by taking a more DIY approach. Try using the tools below to create your own social distancing signage and markings.

You can also get guidance and money off goods if you become a member of the British Independent Retail Association (Bira).

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