Growing a thick skin to survive entrepreneurship

One of the rules of business is that it’s not personal unless otherwise stated. Therefore, when a vendor or client is particularity rude, though it’s not an acceptable way to conduct oneself, it is likely that something is wrong with them, not you. Will you likely get upset? Yes, but the point is to let go of it as fast as you can. Many ills get done to us and not just in business. Therefore, in developing a thick skin as an entrepreneur, you’re doing yourself a favor. Mishaps in tax planning, setbacks in pushing the product and difficult clients are part of the journey it helps to be prepared to cope with them.

It’s not about you

A painful realization to have is that the only universe you’re in the center of is yours, no one else. Therefore, when something doesn’t go your way, have the awareness that it’s not the universe conspiring against you. Instead, think of it as a string of events that produced frustrating results. Just as things align and we call it good luck, it is the same way things can misalign and create less than desirable ends. Life doesn’t pick favorites; it would be helpful to remember that.

Rejection is a part of life

We get told ‘no’ all the time, and sometimes in subtle forms. When someone says yes to another person than that in itself is a form of rejection. Therefore, don’t let discouragement keep you stuck. If you have to, remind yourself of all the things that make you unique and focus on those. Don’t look at it as though something is wrong with you. Think of it as someone not being your flavor; they prefer chocolate to vanilla.

Increase your emotional intelligence

Having an increased awareness of what triggers specific behavior in us and others will make it a lot easier not to let things get to you. You’re able to identify when someone is having a bad day and know how to navigate their mood. You’re also able to know when something is indeed personal and develop an approach to diffuse the issue. With increased emotional intelligence, you’re even mindful of your emotions, taking responsibility for them as they arise. Overall, you’ll be more peaceful, so it’s a skill worth honing.

Wrap up

Developing a thick skin requires not letting things get to you, and when they do, knowing how to let go of them just as fast as they came in. You should also purpose always to make decisions when in a calm frame of mind to avoid rash decisions and mistakes that you’ll later regret.